Through The World GamE we come to discover that we are all one WE. The vision WE hold is of oneness and unity regardless of age, gender, race, religion, boundaries, political systems, history or occupation. The World Game is the Game played by all in making the world a better place. WE empower, encourage and engage individuals and organizations that want to make a difference with their vision. WE support them globally to reach “The Tipping Point of Consciousness” of our planet.


Our Oneness

Solution-Focused Coaching is a powerful ingredient in our world today. As One team, we foster heartfelt projects that leverage social engagement. We are not political nor do we carry a banner for any cultural wars. As agents of global unity and change, we believe that we have greatness, as we are professional, positive and relaxed in our global presence and approach.

We listen warmly and welcome compelling questions from those around us who would find the inner logic of the world game. Everyone is looking for a path to begin, but many do not know how or where to start. We are offering a platform to assist people begin, explore how, and to develop a true inner purpose by choosing happiness as the source.

Like many have said in the past, the 21st century is the hallowed hour of humanity. We either rise past our old fears or shed the skin of repression, private focus, denial, and start wherever we can, or we become bystanders of a global tragedy. These are the times that require maximum leadership at the most individual level of personal engagement. We believe “The World Game” is here for this purpose - to connect back our Happy Oneness. You have the power to choose happiness.




World Game Ambassadors

Our Team – World Game Ambassadors

A dedicated and committed global team promoting and sharing the love of oneness: ONE bounded team of coaching leaders from around the globe working together as our regional World Game Ambassadors (our representatives in many countries):

Canada USA England
Germany Poland Turkey
Bulgaria India Russia
Ukraine Norway Cyprus
Kazakhstan Saudi Arabia Brazil
China Indonesia