Playing The World Game: a message from Marilyn Atkinson



Welcome all ICF Coaches to a profound conversation. What if we could envision some major ways to shift the world’s future through our coaching work. Take two days, April 6th and 7th in Bali, to open a doorway and discover your contribution to humanities evolution.

We hope this will be of great fun for you, as well as an opportunity to reunite with old and new friends from the ever expanding solution focused coaching network of Erickson.


The World Game is our game, and I personally hope that you will have a wider understanding and a deeper commitment to creating and growing your own world game in addition to new insights on the unfolding coaching purpose. Erickson players belong to one of the earliest coaching schools in the world and now the largest; therefore, it is fitting that we host this conference for the world-wide coaching community. To create a truly international forum we are inviting coaches from all coaching schools interested in playing the World Game. We hope to have groups and individuals from each of the 40 countries that Erickson trains in attending this conference, plus many participants from other countries and coaching schools who want to unite with our purpose.


There is so much we can learn, share, and contribute to each other within the context of international coaching development. Taking a day to sincerely look at our joint purpose will be useful for each of us. During this unique conference we have a wide variety of exercises for you that delves into your own Creative Dreaming World Game. We anticipate many powerful conversations about themes. Creative Dreaming will facilitate the opportunities and ideas generated. It is our hope that in this dynamic think tank many of you will leave with new and rekindled relationships, a deeper understanding of how coaching is developing internationally, and a burning desire to create and play your own World Game.


All the warmest to you,
Marilyn Atkinson



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Why the World Game is Bali Bound