When Everyone Plays, Humanity Wins the Prize


The Bali World Game conference is our third international World Game event in 6 years, (plus 17 amazing regional conferences in different countries).   This means a lot of powerful work has been done in the world today and it is time to celebrate it!

 In Bali we plan to have a Gallery Walk wall for people to put up pictures and descriptions of their projects and their results. We have some very mature and wonderful projects that have been built by partners and Erickson leaders around the globe. We will also be offering prizes.

We see World Game thinking in projects and visions that address the world’s most pressing concerns, from combatting climate change to advocating for educational reform and women’s empowerment. World Game thinking even exists in online conversations that instigate global dialogues around politics and culture, and in local community projects that bring people together for social good. Whether small or large scale and for whatever cause, these projects are evidence that a solution-focused world is coming forth, which translates directly into our coaching World Game vision.

It is wonderful that people are becoming competitively creative in designing World Game frameworks for many major social concerns, with multiple visions and versions prevailing worldwide.  Game thinking is a skill that can be developed and we will have several game experts to assist us at Bali, one of whom, Mark Fournier, has studied Ghandi’s contributions as a series of game strategies that can be modelled.  

 We will be preparing game frameworks that are sticky and exciting to publicize our work, both in Bali (with two to three minute small presentations) and back in our native stomping ground. We will be using game names, brand building, sticky logos, mascots, special music, themes, metaphors, art and vision. 

The World Game Conference recognizes this creativity and competitiveness, and invites all players to showcase their World Game projects and share them with other visionary leaders around the world! And now, in true gaming fashion, World Game Bali is offering the opportunity for players to win exceptional prizes for their efforts. This way, you can truly imagine our World Game Conference as the World Cup of solution-focused thinking.

Prizes will be awarded to our most outstanding players in the following three categories:

  1. Most Impactful Cross Cultural World Game
  2. Most Impactful Regional World Game
  3. Most Strategically Inspiring World Game Idea

Prizes include culturally renowned handmade wooden sculptures from Bali’s own artisans and one of Erickson’s 8 day programs offered in your area. To be awarded, your World Game project must be currently established and submitted on to the World Game Clock by March 25th. You must also be IN ATTENDANCE at The World Game Bali on April 6th and 7th. Winners will be determined by a panel of judges based on their current measurable, and prizes be will be distributed on the last day of the conference. 

We acknowledge the effort that each player puts into their World Game and anticipate sharing this exciting opportunity for recognition! When everyone plays, humanity wins.

Follow this link, http://www.wg-clock.com/en/home to register your World Game project on to the World Game Clock and sign up for the conference here: http://worldgame.erickson.edu/when-we/bali-registration

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