Why the World Game is Bali Bound


Bali is the epitome of every tropical island dream. Enveloped in the warm Indian Ocean waters, it is a little slice of heaven where travellers journey to bask in the glory and bliss of paradise found. Surf the island waves, visit sacred temples, engage with extraordinary culture… Experiencing Bali’s magic and mysticism will awaken your spirit and open your mind. With something to offer to make all dream vacations come to life, Bali stakes a real claim to the perfect balance of sun, self-discovery and spirituality. Though the list could be endless, here are the top reasons why YOU need to visit Bali with us in April 2016.

Natural beauty

Pristine white sand beaches in the South contrast with striking black sand beaches in the North, with forested volcanic mountains, lush rice terraces and coral reefs located throughout the province. Embrace your adventurous side and trek through the jungle to one of Bali’s many hidden gems or up an active volcano to watch the most glorious sunrise. The natural world is culturally valued by the Balinese, reflected by the nation’s philosophy of Tri Hita Karana, which brings together the realms of the human, the spirit and the earth. The island’s unspoiled natural environment has been an inspiration for the Bali Green School and Green Village, located just outside of Ubud, where students and visitors are empowered through environmental education and human-nature connection. Bali’s incomparable and wide ranging natural setting places it apart from its 17,500 island neighbours in the Indonesian archipelago.

Rich Culture

Bali’s remarkable landscape provides a picturesque backdrop for its deeply spiritual and unique culture. Known as the Island of the Gods, Bali is home to Indonesia’s pocket of Hinduism, where spirituality and community are suffused into everyday life. Get your traditional fix by visiting one of Bali’s 20,000 ancient temples, or learn how to make traditional Balinese dishes at a local cooking class. Participate in the many and frequent Hindu ceremonies and festivals. With daily offerings to the gods, ancestors, spirits and demons that are believed to coexist on the island, there is no need to search far and wide for a taste of original Balinese tradition.

7 Kecack Dance

Best of Bali

The allure of this small piece of paradise knows no bounds. But Bali’s charm is not that it is (indeed) a tropical dreamland – its real reigning power is that it is so much more! It goes without saying then, why Bali has been chosen for the 2016 World Game Conference. It is the very essence of the Island of the Gods that sets the perfect stage for realizing our vision for a global community, a single humanity and expanding coaching culture. Join us for this two day conference on April 6th and 7th where we will be led by some of the world’s most accomplished coaches, thought leaders and influential visionaries as we support each other in reaching the potential for a solution-focused world. Let Bali and the World Game inspire you! Register now: http://worldgame.erickson.edu/  



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