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Do You Want to Play
The World Game

The World Game is about producing inside-out, new-life, visionary growth potential in our individual and cultural lives. With an inside-out approach, we are finding ways to move forward the lives of people everywhere and spread creative engagement into our cultures. The key method we are working with is visionary, solution-focused coaching: a method for warming the hearts and minds of people in such a way that they get cracking and emerge strongly into their own leadership vision. Would you like to join us? 

By Marilyn Atkinson, PhD

“ Marilyn Atkinson's book is an important one. Its message is one that is not only important to the coaching world, but to the world at large. Playing the World Game will change the world.” — M. Renzetti 

" The World Game is an inspiration to everyone who has ever wanted to help someone else to be the best that they can be — regardless of race, religion, gender, or financial position.” — S. Levitt “

" Dr. Atkinson's dedication, work ethic, and vision continue to both astound and inspire me, and this new book does the same. Always remember that you can choose ‘win-win’ games. Read the book, pick your game, and have some fun.” — S. Ratcliffe “