How do I coach a Global topic?

Have you ever had a client who came to you and the topic was somehow "difficult"? 
And after some time again, the same "difficult topic" surfaced with another client? 

If your answer to both questions is YES, then it begs another question: Whose topic it was? Yes, you are right. 
It was the coach's topic of course. 

As a coach I need to keep good Coach Position (CP) to coach well and to assist the transformation of internal reality of the client. However, some topics may push a button in me and instead of CP I take sides and /or I get an emotional reaction and in doing so I become entangled with the client's agenda. I get dragged into the topic instead of being an observer in CP and the result is not really transformational coaching anymore. Such an occasion is an indication, that I need work on myself first around this topics in order to be able to coach it. I need to grow myself if I want to pull my client into vertical development. I need to find my attachment and/or my blind spot in this topic and clear it up. After that I can go out and be a transformational coach to other people around this topic again. And then, there are these global topics which are looming around us, to which nobody has a good solution yet, but everybody appears to have a contradictory opinion. 

Here is a list of some global topics:
• global warming, 
• CO2 emissions 
• plastics in oceans, 
• overfishing, 
• soil erosion 
• the sixth extinctions of species around us 
• growth of inequality 
• loss of jobs to automation and artificial intelligence 
• and many more.... 

As a coach you could have a HUGE impact on the world if you could coach your clients around these topics WELL. 

Good data, new approaches to problem solving and finally viable solutions with consensus would begin to appear naturally from that process. 
But how do you keep your CP around such charged topics? 

Your own awareness needs to grow by getting unbiased raw data around the topics, you need to own/internalize the topics as they are to calm down emotions, you need to learn new approaches to complex problem solving instead of old beliefs and still you need to come to terms with all possible systemic outcomes good or bad to acquire "peace of Mind". 

This is a central question we are addressing in World Game Conference, World Game Coach training and in 4 Quadrant Quantum Thinking in Antalya 2019. So come and join us in this process of acquiring CP on global topics with the aim to improve our situation on this planet by learning to coach clients around such topics..

Peter Stefanyi 
Erickson Trainer of Four Quadrant Quantum Thinking course