How do I join the World Game?

I dare a guess that you wish to contribute to something bigger and lasting, something beneficial to community or even to the whole of Humanity. If you agree and say yes, then you are at the right place at the right time. 
The time is now and the means is by playing the World Game. 
But how do I choose the right World Game project and how do I join? These are valid questions. 

The concept of World Game is a meta framework designed to provide an environment for specific World Game projects to appear and grow and to impact the world via coaching as a method. It is an environment full of creative ideas and specific World Game projects presented by people just like you. People who got inspired on previous occasions created or joined a project and now they can present results and speak from experience. 

Just imagine that you come to a place where you meet like minded coaches with ideas and visions just like you have in a creative environment. Magic happens and the open and creative framework with examples of successful projects as well as exercises widens the scope of attention and coaches now see the world from a new more global perspective with a can do intention. 
This environment is open and structured that you can join a topic of your liking with a group of people and brainstorm your brand new joint project into existence. And you may keep it too. Or you may join a project which is already running and take part in moving it into the next stage of development. What happens then is transformation. 
Transformation where coaches come in with a sense of individual identity and leave the conference with a wonderful integrated sense of WE.
The WE of the team forms around some topic whether it is education, health, leadership, ecology or any other theme. A bigger purpose in life emerges and transformed coaches go our with a sense of purpose, connectedness motivation and feeling that they are not alone. And they coach and change happens. 

So you join by coming and letting the framework of World game conference do it's magic. 

Peter Stefanyi
Erickson Trainer of Four Quadrant Quantum Thinking course