The Vision of Galileo - Part 2

The Nature of World Game Coaching 

Currently, we are facing various inquisitions, on different levels, and we need our courage. 
First, we are citizens; we are members and associates with corporate communities, listening to multiple teams, and we are also leaders. As coaches, we are policy makers, shifting the structures of how people develop policy. We can look through the telescope and invite others to see for themselves. We can suggest – as I am suggesting to you now – that ecological observation leads to a different level of powerful coaching and decision making. 

As coaching leaders, we are looking through different eyes and listening through different distinctions than those we coach. We deeply know – through Solution-Focused coaching – how people really can find their own solutions. We know how teams can re-orient and become visionary and unstoppable. We have direct experience of the greatness of people. 

Yet, we are living in very strange times. The people of the world are in a deep trance about the condition of our planet. I spoke with Charlie Pellerin, the former director of NASA. He said to me, “Just forget it. There’s nothing we can do now. Five years from now the deserts will spread to the grain-growing areas. Food will fail, wars will start, and it is all over. Just relax – too late to fix it now.” I said to him, “I believe we do have time, though not much.” 

I strongly suggest that now is the time for us to truly develop a coaching vision on all 3 levels as Solution-Focused World Game Coaches. Simultaneously, we are citizens, we are coaches, and we are leaders. It is time for us to become the tipping point for leadership wherever we live. We need to hand the telescope to our teams and leaders and coach our companies and fellow citizens as they make choices. We need not only to listen; we also need to directly communicate about the quality of thinking that is possible for all of us. We always work with what is ecological. The future life of humanity is relevant and that directly depends on the quality of our thinking. Personally, I want to move up my own ‘dial’ to very active, to talk with people about ecology every single day. 

We Solution-Focused Coaches know how to check off the boxes in our mind as we coach – positive, in control, SMARRT, good for people. We may not be ‘in control’ of all aspects, but we can communicate; we can talk to people everyday, and we can explore with others and invite them to consider what might be ecological, relevant, and long-term. 

Is this big home we share important to you? Is the life of the planet long-term truly important to you? 

In this conference, we will be examining our biggest projects as individuals, as project leaders, with our companies, and as world citizens. We want to truly create the category: World Game Coach. How do we play the game of being a world citizen? How do we invite others to play? 

Like Galileo facing the inquisition, how do we move past the fear of upsetting people? How do we speak everyday about events of our planet as involved world citizens and invite others to play their own ‘bigger game’? 

Everyone – Welcome to the Solution-Focused World Game Conference! Find your specific World Game here; accelerate your aim here. Let us truly begin to make the Tipping Point happen! 

Marilyn Atkinson
March 2019