April 12, 2019


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A Think Thank on Our Human Future

World Game Bali took place April 1st-13th, 2016 in Bali Indonesia and was attended by over 250 participants from 10 countries around the world.

Lyra Puspa, WG Bali Organizer, Master of Ceremonies, PCC coach, Founder and President of Vanaya Coaching Institute, and Erickson Indonesia Trainer said, "The event was held in order to provide for the transformation of man, which man is able to turn himself into a human being that much better through coaching. World Conference Game Coaching is coaching at the Olympics for the world of global scope."

This WG brought some of the best coaches from around the world and the topics brought by each coach were certainly very diverse, including leadership, culture, business strategy, hinga self-development. Featured presenters for the conference were Marilyn Atkinson, PhD (Canada), Dr. Peter Wrycza (Indonesia), Peter Stefanyl (Slovakia), Christopher Cooke (Britain), Gaurav Aurora (India), Richard A. Bowell (USA), Mark Fournier (USA). Featured World Game projects and workshops were led by Lyra Puspa (Indonesia), Lucy Kusman (Indonesia), Indira Abidin (Indonesia), and Indrawan Nugroho (Indonesia), Silvia Viola (Portugal), Rebecca Yang (China).

Prizes for were awarded as a part of the closing of the World Game Conference in Bali.


A New Sustainable Idea of Leadership

Held at an amazing historic Roman site, The Aquarium, World Game Italy was a one day conference that took place October of 2015. Carla Benedetti, WG Italy Organizer, PCC coach, Founder of Studio Coach, Erickson European Trainer reported that more than 120 people attended and 30 online viewers.

This WG brought coaches, innovators from different fields and researchers met to get inspired, discuss and develop socially innovative projects for the Planet. Starting with their personal contribution attendees formulated long term visions in the World Game Spirit. Coaches that participated were Marilyn Atkinson, PhD (Canada), Francesco Morace (Italy), Sadhana Singh (Rome), Valerio Eletti (Rome), the Presidents of the 4 Major Professional Coaches Associations, Lama Geshe Gedun Tarchin (Rome), and Paola Fiore (Italy).


Sample title

Marilyn Atkinson PhD

Founder of the World Game Global Project and President of Erickson International, presents: 
“How to reach a tipping point on global conscience.”

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Francesco Morace

Sociologist, professor, expert of trends and social change 
“Happy growth and responsible hope.”

Sample title

Sadhan Singh

Yoga master and researcher 
“A sense of unicity and unity in leadership.”

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Valerio Eletti

European expert in Complexity,
 “The importance of social network and self-organization.”



Four Coach Association Presidents 
“How to find a common long-term vision.”

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Lama Geshe Gedun Tarchin
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Paola Fiore

Sustainable Consultants, Our relationship with the Planet
 “Between Earth and Heaven”


How to develop a successful project out of a powerful idea.

The World Game Italy Conference Roma 2015