Regional World Game Conferences are events sponsored by World Game Coaches and Regional World Game Ambassadors to introduce the World Game and tipping point concepts to coaches, change leaders, organizations and funders in their region of the world. Workshops are structured to support and build individual, team and organizational sustainable World Game Projects.   

Peer selected Regional World Game Projects are funded to present their work at the International World Game Conference. The next World Game Conference will be held in Istanbul, Turkey - April, 2019.

All World Game Projects are registered on the International World Game Conference Clock. Featured Regional World Game Projects selected by the international headquarters of the World Game in Vancouver, Canada will be invited to share their World Game Projects internationally on the World Game website, through written articles, audio and video interviews, social media, and during World Game Coach training events.


Jenius Lokal, Indrawan Nugroho:       . 

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If It’s Simple, It Will Grow, Lyra Puspa:

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Russian School Project (Russian):      . 

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Russian School Project (English): .     . 

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Creating The Schools of the Future     .

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Upcoming Regional World Game Conferences

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Don’t see a World Game Conference happening where you live and would like to host one? 

Would you like to become the Regional World Game Ambassador for the region of the world you live in? Visit the WG Coach Training page and check out how you can become a Regional World Game Ambassador.