Become A World Game Coach

Become A World Game Coach

Every human being wakes up to the experience of being in charge of their own destiny. 
That is in some ways the essence of being a human being. We need to decide the quality and focus of our life’s energy. In that sense, all of us are playing a World Game…and we always have a choice about the level and type of World Game we are playing. 
The next step, for us as coaches, then, is to know some great ways to show ourselves and others simple processes that assist both them and ourselves to maintain the vision and commitment and actions of being an awakened World Game player. 

This program is about choosing to make the World Game you play as inspiring, visionary, and conscious as possible and to learn some clear methods to really keep this game vivid and vital for your life. 

You will learn some simple frameworks, tools and processes for setting, tracking, and reiterating next steps in your own game and to assist others with theirs. Learn to support others with their own World Vision, developing robust, participatory capabilities, and committed action steps.

Aims of the training: 
- Learn how to assist coaches to acquire a global view and global thinking patterns 
- Assist coaches to gain courage to move ahead and change self and environment around 
- Assist a shift to 2nd tier on Spiral Dynamics for those who are prepared and have the potential 
to move from Green/Orange up 
- Assist coaches to become a source of energy for people around 
- Create a mastery group of like minded individuals with the aim of mutual support, feedback and inspiration 
- Co-Create with coaches around 'How to play Meta World Game'?


Developing social responsibility globally through solution-focused leadership


To build a playful community that creates a world consciousness tipping point