What is our opportunity to create critical, life-saving shift for Humanity?

Let us face this: today, at the tipping point of Humankind’s development, we all face the question of life and death. We face this question as individuals and as collective Humanity. It is a question of our species’ survival. 

Health and life of individuals, of the Mankind and that of our Planet are intimately linked, and current ill health of the environment is tied to human ill health: air pollution causes respiratory diseases, heavy metals cause neurotoxicity and cancer, global climate change is likely to fuel the spread of infectious diseases, etc. In the midst of this reality, what is our opportunity to create the critical, life-saving shift for Humanity? 

Let us take a solution-focused approach on this question, let us picture the desired outcome: People all around the Globe behave in eco-protective way in all their actions: from food selection, to turning on or off heating or cooling systems, to transportation, water usage, etc. Moreover, policy-makers understand the interactions of human health and the natural environment, from the most personal level to the global range; they understand and act upon agreements to reduce pollution, pursue sound agricultural and land use practices, and feed their citizens well. And the Nature flourishes. Seeing this highly desired outcome how do we - solution-focused coaches - stand the test of time, for survival of our children, our grandchildren, and their children? Did you say „We coach“? Yes, indeed! We coach worldwide to raise awareness such that our clients become enlightened individuals who act in enlightened ways, whose daily decisions and behavior are in alignment with sustainment of health and life on both the personal, and collective levels. 

We coach being aware of what the words „We are at the tipping point of Humanity“ mean. We coach – facing life and death. We coach, having had raised our skills to coach around the burning challenges of current times. How ready are we to stand this test of time? 

Amy Davis-Bruner and I bring the Erickson Coaching for Health (ECOHEALTH) Platform to the World Game. It is a four-quadrant platform that constitutes of health coaching-related research and data; coaching for healthy relationships in the frame of personal and collective health; coaching in all the health-related sub-niches (i.e., habit modification, weight management, end-of life care, pain and stress management, etc.), and finally the ECOHEALTH World Game: worldwide coaching and worldwide training from the WE perspective, from the perspective of the entire Planet, with a clear vision: to sustain health and life of individual people, of Humanity, and of our Earth. 

The only way to play the ECOHEALTH World Game is our collective way. 
Playing the WG together with you, we can bring the critical shift in human consciousness and human behavior – for the sake of LIFE. Join us in Antalya and explore the ECOHEALTH platform with us! 

Join us, and you will find answers to your own questions; you will become inspired to find your own ways to make a positive impact on Humanity at these critical times. 

Rosa Tkacova, MD, ACC Erickson Trainer for Erickson Coaching for Health (ECOHEALTH) course